The Shackled City Adventure Path  
  Located in the Sanrach Mountains near the eastern edge of the Jungles of Chult, Cauldron is a small but bustling community, a hub for trade and commerce through the Chultan Peninsula. The town’s name is derived from its location, inside the bowl of a dormant volcano. A 50-foot-tall fortified wall of black malachite encircles the city, tracing the outer rim of the volcano. Four roads descend the outer walls of the volcano, becoming major thoroughfares that lead to other towns and distant realms. The districts nearer the rim of the city tend to be occupied by upper class families and elite merchants. The closer one gets to the center of town (and the pungent odors of the central lake), the shoddier the construction and the more dangerous the dark alleys. Although the town’s sewage seeps into the lake, local clerics routinely purify the water for the citizens in exchange for charitable donations to their temples. Most people get around the city on foot, although the town has its share of wagons and carriages, most of them owned by merchants and nobles. While technically part of the nation of Samarach, Cauldron has virtually no contact with their southern neighbors except as trade partners.  
  Chult Map  
  Cauldron Surroundings  

Over 600 years ago, the towns of Cauldron and Redgorge were founded by Surabar Spellmason, a great wizard from Tashluta. Numerous profitable mines attracted prospectors and adventurers to the area.

The rim of the extinct volcano acted as a natural defense against the local monsters. This, along with the discovery of underground complexes below the city, favored Cauldron’s growth over the centuries.

Several decades ago, rainy winters resulted in massive flood damage to the lower reaches of Cauldron. When the local churches successfully dealt with this annual problem, the Flood Festival was founded.

Seven years ago, a plague of filth fever struck Cauldron. Several hundred people died before the plague was brought under control.

Cauldron (small city)

– Population: 4,500 adults; Mixed, with significant halfling and gnome communities

(76% human, 9% halfling, 8% gnome, 3% dwarf, 2% elf, 1% half-elf, 1% half-orc)

– Authority Figure: Lord Mayor Severen Navalant (male human); the Mayor’s office has been held by the Navalant family for 200 years; Severen is well liked by the populace

– Town emblem: a watchful eye wreathed in flames

         Obsidian Avenue (outer most)

         Magma Avenue

         Lava Avenue

         Ash Avenue (inner most)

         Crater Lake – lies at the center of the city

  Temples & Shrines  

Cathedral of Kelemvor (formerly a neutral, non-violent sect of Bhaal)

– Obsidian Ave southeast

– Impressive tower, one of the most beautiful in Cauldron

– Responsible for dealing with unclaimed dead and maintaining catacombs

– Maintained by a large staff of about 25

Church of Helm

– Obsidian Ave north

– Two-story church with white marble walls with veins of vivid blue

– Inscription above doors: “Within law lives hope

– Maintained by a medium sized staff of about 15

Shrine of Lathander

– Magma Ave south

– Simple yellow tower, 60 feet tall

– Maintained by a solitary cleric

Temple of Lordly Might (Tempus)

– Obsidian Ave southwest

– Simple stone two-story church; lower floor is mostly a large open air arena

– Many statues depicting creatures in competition

– Sponsor sporting events throughout the year

– Maintained by a large sized staff of about 20

  Taverns and Inns  

         Coy Nixie: high-class tavern and dancehall

         Cusp of Sunrise: high-society club; membership by invitation only

         Drunken Morkoth Inn: caters to traveling merchants and adventurers

         Laughing Horse Inn: lower cost inn catering to adventurers

         Minuta’s Board: low cost inn and flophouse

         Slippery Eel Tavern: working class watering hole

         Tipped Tankard Tavern: best food and drinks for common folk


         Back o’ Beyond Outfitters: provides equipment for adventurers and hunters, including trap-making supplies and bows

         Garthun Imports: specializes in alcohol, tobacco, gourmet sweets and seafood

         Ghelve’s Locks: only skilled locksmith in town

         Gurnezarn’s Smithy: regarded as the finest smith in town; independent of the Lathenmire family

         Lathenmire Smithies (four locations): association of blacksmiths, weaponsmiths and armorsmiths; under the control of the Lathenmire family; near monopoly of arms and armor in Cauldron

         Maavu Imports: specializes in rare and unusual books

         Skie’s Treasury: buys and sells magic items

         Sure Foot Livery: the only livery in town

         Tygot’s Old Things: well-stocked antiquity shop; frequently buys old documents and art objects

         Weer’s Elixirs: alchemical items and potions

         Westkeys Map Emporium: good selection of regional, local, building and treasure maps

         Zanathor’s Provisions: general store with reasonable prices

  Points of Interest  

         Bluecrater Academy: one of the tallest buildings in Caulron; where most youth go to learn a trade; upper floors consist of libraries and research offices; maintains registry of tutors, including arcane casters

         Duskhaven Moneylenders: offers reasonable loans; money changing services for associated guild members, including exchanges for gems; secure banking services

         Jarran’s Playhouse: local theater company; caters to middle class merchants

         Lakeside Park: park along Crater Lake; popular fishing point for children; includes pavilion where the Lord Mayor makes occasional announcements

         Tinkers’ Guildhall: odd looking building made of a patchwork of materials and uneven surfaces; supplies and support for Cauldron’s non-traditional artisans

         Town Guard Barracks: the guard hires mercenaries; offers martial training; houses an underground prison

         Town Hall: land, property and historical archives are kept here; maintains registry of legal advocates; money changing services for Cauldron citizens, including bars of precious metal for large denominations

  Calendar of Harptos  
  The Year of the Cauldron 1378 DR  
  Campaign Rules  

         When rolling hit points at each new level, you need not accept a roll that is in the bottom 1/4 (rounded up) of your possible results as shown on the table below:






1s & 2s


1s & 2s


1s, 2s & 3s


1s, 2s & 3s


         When healing with a cure spell, reroll any result of 1. This does not apply to any other method of healing, such as potions, scrolls, or wands.

         Favored Class for a race does not exist; there is no XP penalty for multi-classing.

         Spellcasters don't need to prepare 0-level spells, but do need to keep track of how many they’ve cast.

         Clerics receive the benefits of the “Initiate of ______” feat of their deity (including class skills and access to deity specific spells) without taking the feat.